The Mexican Dream

My project is dedicated to the people of Mexico. To all of those who have been told that they can’t -- that success is not available for them -- because they were born in Mexico. People who have the luck of being raised in a land full of challenges and plenty of reasons for giving up.  They know about disappointment and frustration and they also know dignity of hard work. Eloteros, paloteros, trabajadores de la construcción, mecánicos, vendedores de frutas, panaderos, mantenimiento de la ciudad, zapateros, costureras, vendedores ambulantes, and (etc.). Each day that they need to reinvent themselves for survival is another day each person on the other side of that border wall deserve our utmost respect. They have the same dreams as you and me. They are not strangers. They are mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, and children. I want my photographs to humanize them.